Renata Voracova will seek compensation from Tennis Australia for the events which led to her being forced to leave Australia by authorities.

The 38-year-old doubles player is not vaccinated against COVID-19 as required for entry, but was allowed in with a medical exemption organized by the Australian federation based on having recently contracted the virus.

But the exemptions were revoked following the controversy around No. 1 Novak Djokovic receiving the same exemption, and she and an unnamed official were ordered to leave Australia. By then, Voracova had already played an event but was subjected to a "long interrogation" and kept in a detention hotel. Unlike Djokovic, she did not appeal.

"The ticket alone cost $2,800, and my coach travelled with me," she told Czech newspaper Denik. "And then there is all that time, hotels, training for the Grand Slam, the potential prize money... I hope Tennis Australia will do it and we won't have to take steps."

The WTA Tour said in a statement that "the complications... where athletes have followed the approved and authorized process of receiving a medical exemption for entry into the country are unfortunate," and especially "when she had done nothing wrong" and had been allowed to compete prior to the investigation.

But the tour also acknowledged the efforts of Tennis Australia, along with Australia's strict policies, and encouraged all players to get vaccinated.

Tennis Australia has not commented.