Caroline Wozniacki has ended her relationship with part-time coach Thomas Johansson, various Danish and Polish outlets are reporting. No. 11 Wozniacki began to work with the former Australian Open champion early last summer. She has been primarily been coached by her father, Piotr, her entire career.

“I gave up the job for a while and it went bad. Now I’m the head coach again,” Piotr reportedly told the Polish web site <em>Super Express</em>. “Now we’re going back to the old system, which brought Caroline to the top. I don’t care what the (experts) say. That she can’t hit winners and can only run. We will play as we play, and then slowly improve what we have done well.”

Later on Wednesday, Piotr told Ekstra Bladet: “It was Caroline’s decision. She wants to return to the set up with me as head coach and support from Adidas [Player Development]. We both know what needs to be done. We did not fire Thomas. We only had an agreement to U.S. Open. He is still our friend and neighbor [In Monaco] and we hope to be able to practice with him in Monaco and benefit from his tactical inputs.”

Johansson had not coached Wozniacki since the U.S. Open, as he is the tournament director of Stockholm and was preparing for the event. He told the Danish press that he will not speak publicly until he speaks with the Wozniackis.

“I would have appreciated a call instead of learning this from the media,” Johannson told Ekstra Bladet. “But I have known the family for a long time, and I am pleased to see Caroline doing well. I will always support her."