According to Russian media reports, Maria Kirilenko was married in Moscow on Saturday. The 28-year-old was said to have had a wedding to a Russian businessman named Alexei, who she met several months ago. Several Russian players and former players were supposed to be in attendance.

Childhood friend Maria Sharapova said she had heard about the wedding. "I did actually. I'm not sure to who. I really don't know. I mean, wonderful actually," she told the press following her fourth-round match at the Australian Open.

Few personal details about the husband are known. "What happens in Russia stays in Russia," said Sharapova, smiling.

Kirikenko has reportedly cited privacy reasons for not revealing more about her husband, following her previously high-profile relationship with hockey player Alex Ovechkin, who she was engaged to until the pair ended their relationship six months ago.

Kirilenko, who has been repeatedly sidelined with injury, is now No. 189 in the WTA rankings.