Aravane Rezai has decided to resume a coaching relationship with her controversial father Arsalan. The former Top-20 player split with her father after the 2011 Australian Open. Arsalan Rezai was allegedly investigated by police for abusing his daughter in Melbourne. Aravane later denied there was a problem, but ended up severing contact with her family.

“I've been training with him for a week now. It's going very well,” Rezai told reporters after her loss to Petra Kvitova at Roland Garros. “Why go back? I think you need to ask yourself the right questions, the searching questions. For me, that's the best way to go. My objective is to get there in the end, and I think he's also there for me to help me. So we're going to try and put the past behind us now."

Rezai needed a wild card to get into Roland Garros as her ranking has fallen to No. 185. She said it took her two years of reflection before she decided to reunite with her dad three weeks ago. She has been training at the Patrick Mouratoglou Academy in Paris and is unsure whether she will continue there.

“We all deserve a second chance,” she said. “So for the time being, this works. I entrust everything to my dad [tennis wise]. Our relationship has changed. I think that everybody in this room has problems with their parents. We've all got problems with our respective families. I'm in the public eye so this is blown out of proportion a bit. We've all got problems. We always try and iron them out and move on. This is my objective with my family. It's much better than it was in the past in my mind, and I'm delighted to have made the decision I did.”