Wimbledon is in the rear view mirror, but for some, it's just getting started. Released three days before the close of this year's Championships at the All England Club, "Wimbledon"—the new hip-pop single from the duo Rich White Ladies—packs rapid-fire lyrics and off-speed humor into nearly four minutes of name-dropping ear candy. This may be the song of summer for pop culture-obsessed tennis fans, one that rhymes "Martina Navratilova" and "champagne supernova," no less. Here's the video:

Also name-checked on the track are Serena and Venus Williams, Monica Seles, and Billie Jean King, each receiving royal treatment (with the House of Williams dubbed "super-cocky," not necessarily a dig in the rap world). The performers in Rich White Ladies are named Tokyo Diiva and Scotty Rebel (because why not?), and they told PopJustice.com, among other things, that the color orange best look out: "Wimbledon is the new black. Drop every other word equivalent to fabulous: Wimbledon is the new compliment."

The Spin's operative question after viewing the clip a bewildered three times was this: Why does it transpire on a hard court? Cue RWL again: "Grass stains on white shoes are so not Rich White Ladies."

Tricky Stewart and The-Dream, two producers/writers with the Midas touch in the music world, are said to be involved, and Justin Tranter, ringleader for the band Semi Precious Weapons and pal to Lady Gaga, appears in the clip. Aside from Lorde's "Tennis Court" track, this may be the best music-meets-tennis moment since Zheng Jie got that "dirt off her shoulder" in the vein of Jay Z.

In closing, for all of you GIF-lovers out there who have now viewed RWL's footage above, you're welcome.

What do you think of the video and all its tennis references? Will you download it, or would you prefer to bury it under a Centre Court tarp? Also, drop a line in the comments below if you can properly attribute the sampled audio at song's end, which almost sounds like Mary Carillo, that says, "Cat and mouse, or just cat against cat/ No one ever wants to be the mouse."

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