According to Chilean media, former No. 1 Marcelo Rios has asked the Chilean federation to request the ITF investigate Petr Korda for doping during the 1998 Australian Open.

The president of the Chilean tennis federation, José Hinzpeter said in Clarin that Rios had asked the federation to petition to reopen the case, because he "always had concerns that he should not have lost that game if he played with a person who was under the influence of drugs."

The Australian Open finalist is looking to have the title awarded to him if it is determined that Korda was violating anti-doping regulations during the tournament. Rios, who is the only No. 1 on the ATP not to win a Slam, decided to bring up the issue upon seeing that Guillermo Vilas had asked the ATP to award him the No. 1 ranking in 1978, Hinzpeter said.

Korda defeated Rios in the final to win the tournament, 6-2, 6-2, 6-2, giving the 30-year-old his only Grand Slam title. The Czech tested positive for nandrolone at Wimbledon that season, but told a tribunal he did not know how the steriod had gotten into his system. He was originally allowed to keep playing before eventually receiving a one-year suspension on appeal, which led to him retiring from the game.

The ITF has not indicated whether it would revisit the issue.