Martina Hingis and Sania Mirza have confirmed their split, saying they will be playing doubles with other partners but intend to defend their title at this year's WTA Finals. Hingis and Mirza are No. 1 in the doubles rankings and have qualified as a team for the season-ending tournament in Singapore.

"[W]e have mutually agreed that we would each be open to playing with other players for the remainder of the season," Hingis and Mirza said in a joint statement on social media.

The two won three Grand Slam titles and 11 WTA titles together since teaming up in 2015 at Indian Wells, and went on a 41-winning match streak that was ended this season in Doha. Since then, they have won just one title, which they identified as the reason they have decided to stop playing together.

"Perhaps, because of our great past results, we have had very high expectations from our partnership and unfortunately did not get the results we desired recently,” they said.


The pair also countered suggestions of conflict arising from recent mixed doubles meetings against each other.

"We would like to clarify that it was a totally professional decision based purely on our recent results," they said, noting that it would not affect their "wonderful personal relationship."