Tennis fans and media are again agog over the possibility of a powerhouse Maria Sharapova–Grigor Dimitrov pairing. It appears that Dimitrov fancies superstars in the women's game: After it was debunked that he and Serena Williams were involved, the Bulgarian and the Russian were lumped together in the wake of this video showing them on the streets of Milan in December:


Dimitrov hilariously presents Sharapova with some of her own candy brand, Sugarpova, when they reach a stoplight at the 16-minute mark of the clip. Otherwise he lags behind after the 11:45 mark among other members of Sharapova's team, including her coach, Thomas Hogstedt. (Also amusing, at 13:10, is long-legged Sharapova turning to her crew and saying, "Can you guys walk faster maybe?") Of course, Sharapova was in Italy for her exhibition match with Ana Ivanovic, Sara Errani, and Roberta Vinci, seen elsewhere in that nearly 19-minute video. And frankly, the contents of the footage indicate not just flirting but a real sense of ease around each other.

But are they truly together? "I don't discuss my private life," Dimitrov said after losing the Brisbane final to Andy Murray on Sunday. Honestly, that answer sounds like it's already been put through the Sharapova marketing machine. Elsewhere, Darren Rovell [tweeted]( on January 5, "Sharapova's boyfriend is currently No. 48 in the world, but has been hyped up as 'Baby Federer.'" (By the way, Rovell also maintains that a source tells him Sharapova will [join Twitter]( yet this January.)  
Hyped or not, Dimitrov composed himself well last week, and skipped seven spots in the ATP rankings to No. 41. The tennis world will wait to see whether one or the other in this likely coupling spills the proverbial beans Down Under, but rest assured, they have just begun to be asked about it. News like this almost always emerges at Grand Slam events. Sharapova's engagement to NBA baller Sasha Vujacic ended in spring 2012, however she didn't [disclose that]( until late August—at the U.S. Open.  
Thoughts on this perhaps budding pair? And what would you give to see them enter the Australian Open mixed doubles event?  

—Jonathan Scott (@jonscott9)