Fourhand is the Daily Spin's occasional roundup of various hits and misses on tour.

SHARING IS CARING: "They were leopard. Not mine." That's how Maria Sharapova handled the question before the press about whether she has ever had laundry mix-ups at tennis tournaments. Turns out she'd just had a stylish snafu all of 45 minutes prior to the query. And it involved some animal-print underwear.

HYPE MACHINERY: Victoria Azarenka flexed her creative side just ahead of the Aussie Open by creating a decidedly Vika-branded video. It boasts a dramatic soundtrack and visuals but doesn't really say much. The 1:40 clip does include a voiceover of sorts, featuring press-conference sound bites from Serena Williams that allude to her chief rival's comeback from injuries. Otherwise it's all motorcycling and graffiti spraying. (By the by, the Spin agrees with senior editor Steve Tignor. Azarenka is a contender for the title at the first major of 2016. And why not? She's a two-time champ Down Under.)


SERENA SAYS: Harper's Bazaar got Serena to field questions in a relationship-advice Q&A column. You've got to see her old-timey take on the "Netflix and chill" bonanza.

ALL THE WRONG FIXINGS: A report generated in tandem by BuzzFeed and the BBC alleges that some major-winning singles and doubles players have been embroiled in match-fixing schemes in recent years. The Spin is sitting tight on this news—expertly timed in its release to the start of the Aussie Open— until such would-be racketeers' names are named. Every sport has its ills, but this isn't the FIFA or track and field just yet.

BONUS: Rafael Nadal rifled a southpaw serve that reportedly popped practice partner Andy Murray in his "royal jewels," as it were. That's one way to treat your likely main competition in the draw's bottom half.

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