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Do you think you know your tennis? It’s time to find out by signing up for Tennis Channel’s first ever fantasy tennis experience. Test your knowledge against Tennis Channel experts, as well as fans from around the globe.

Links to enter:

Fantasy Tennis: Roland Garros Men

Fantasy Tennis: Roland Garros Women

Much like the daily fantasy format, your team will consist of eight players drafted in a salary-cap format. But instead of daily lineups, this competition will last the entire fortnight.

Rule and Scoring:

The percentage of total points the player wins for the match will go towards your FanSlam™ team's total score. For example, if your player wins 120 out of the 200 points played in a match, your team will get 60 points (60%) for that match.

If your player wins the match, he/she will advance to the next round in the tournament and have the opportunity to add more points by playing more matches. Therefore you should try and pick players you think will accrue the most points per match.

Teams are ranked based on which team has the most points at the end of the tournament.