Tim Stallard might not be the most familiar name in the tennis sphere, but few people have devoted more time and energy into increasing the amount high level events that take place in America.

In more than 35 years in the game, Stallard has made his name in the sport by coaching and developing players, and organizing tournaments that provide opportunities for many aspiring athletes. A former Midwesterner from the Chicago suburb of Rockford, Ill., Stallard relocated to Texas with the desire to increase the number of tennis players and exposure of the sport he is so passionate about. His trek took him on the journey of a lifetime, from developing kids that became household names, to running the helm at the Bush Tennis Center in the name of a United States president.

With his latest venture, the San Antonio International Team Tennis Championships set to begin this weekend, Stallard joined the Podcast with Kamau Murray to discuss the passion he has his life’s work.


Stallard’s life in tennis took many twists and turns, but one of his early roles involved running several challenger events across the country. Americans have been at a disadvantage at the lower rungs of pro tennis, who don’t have the number of events in close proximity that their European counterparts do. Stallard did his best to change that, and the tides have certainly moved in that direction based on the hard work he and countless others have done.

When Murray asked him if there was ever a player he helped out before they “made it,” Stallard didn’t hesitate to answer.

“I got a call from one of my idols, Nick Bollettieri, and he said, ‘I’ve got this girl. She’s No. 1 in the world and she’s not going to make the cut for the challenger, and we think she has a lot potential.’ It was Anna Kournikova. So we gave her a wild card and she won it,” Stallard recalled.

A few months later she was a global icon, and Stallard continues to speak highly of her character to this day.

“We did an event in Beaumont with Pete Sampras, and she flew after that over to Horseshoe Bay to do a free clinic with my wife and kids. She did it absolutely for free to give back to the kids.” Podcast - Tim Stallard Podcast - Tim Stallard


Texas is the place Stallard and family call home, and it’s where he’s made the most impact in his professional life as well. He serves as the executive director of the Bush Tennis Center and is excited to bring professionals such as Gael Monfils and Venus Williams to San Antonio for the International Team Tennis Championships. But it was when his development program was just beginning in Texas that Stallard has his closest brush with greatness.

One exceptional class of kids included Andy Roddick, All-Pro QB Drew Brees, former NBA player Chris Mihm, and country singer Django Walker.

“Andy always wanted to be on the court with the 18-year-olds. He was just feisty. He would get out there and he was just fearless,” the coach explained.

“A couple of years ago Drew Brees came out and did a fundraiser for us out in Midland and was just really proud of those days,” he went on. “And what Andy’s done with the Andy Roddick Foundation is great. That’s one of the things we really want to highlight with this program is all the great work these guys are doing off the court too.”


Enjoy this episode of the Podcast, as host Kamau Murray pulls back the curtain and introduces one of the standup forces for good in the game. There are many people behind the scenes creating opportunities in tennis and providing encouragement and advice for the next crop of hopefuls. And you never know, some might just grow up to be Hall of Famers.