Co-producers Judy Murray and Rosemary Reed join the show to discuss their new SkyTv docuseries called “Driving Force”. Together they tell the stories of ten female athletes who have succeeded in a challenging climate.


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Behind every successful athlete is a driving force, and uncovering that is the focus of the 11-part series, which began airing in late November. The first episode tells the story of Murray raising two world No. 1's in Scotland, and then she becomes the host for conversations with 10 female British Olympic athletes.

Murray explains how she embraced the role of interviewer and was able to relate to the athletes quite naturally — thanks to her years of experience.

"I've probably watched enough interviews and probably been interviewed enough to understand, I think how you engage women," Murray says. "When I was first thrown into the spotlight, it absolutely terrified me, when I had to do interviews because I wasn't prepared for it."

Reed, the founder of Power of Women TV, shares what she learned from Murray, and why the project was so enlightening to them both. Podcast: Judy Murray works to help next generation of women Podcast: Judy Murray works to help next generation of women


Murray ended up teaching Reed a lot about tennis. (Driving Force)

"I don't feel there's anyone as good as Judy to be able to be that conduit with these athletes, because she's been there, been around the block a thousand times, seen all the obstacles," Reed says. "And what I heard, which you will see in the series in her episode, is that she went through her own serious obstacles."

Beyond the docuseries, Reed aims to bolster females in the film industry while Murray hopes to encourage more females to get into coaching.

"I want to know that there are other female coaches out there who can step into my shoes," Murray says. "And I know I'm not going to be around forever."

Through telling the stories of others and of themselves, they're hoping to encourage women to stick together and help each other.

"The women that are in the series are all very positive and very amazing role models," Reed says. "Billie Jean King says, 'If you want to be it, you have to see it.' So all these women have been it, and they're setting the example to all the young girls coming up the ranks now."

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