Murphy Jenson on the Podcast

Few people have the passion for tennis that Murphy Jensen possesses. In 1993 alongside his brother Luke, Jensen shocked the foundation of the sport by winning the Roland Garros doubles title and became a celebrity overnight. But in that moment he was at his worst internally, and for the next several years the Michigan product was on a downward path that nearly cost him everything.

But Murphy Jensen is a fighter, and his appearance on the Podcast with Kamau Murray shines a tremendous light on how struggles and setbacks do not have to define you. Throughout the course of an hour long conversation, two esteemed tennis coaches discuss much more than on-court tactics. Jensen opens up about his struggles, his low points, and how no amount of fame or fortune could change the course of his life. It was the birth of his son, and the support of his inner circle, that prompted him to make life altering changes. Those changes saved his life, and gave him a newfound perspective that he has not lost nor taken for granted.


After surviving the toughest opponent he's ever faced, Murphy Jensen has devoted his life to helping others. He is a co-founder of WEconnect Recovery, a web based platform and app designed to provide help and assistance to people in recovery, long after their treatment ends. The former World TeamTennis coach has endured many trials and tribulations, but it's how he's responded to them that has given him the most impactful and important victory of his life.