O'Shannessy on the TENNIS.com Podcast.

There's more to tennis excellence than just heart and effort, and Craig O'Shannessy has the data to back it up. Arguably the top tennis strategist and tactician in the world, O'Shannessy joined Kamau Murray on the TENNIS.com Podcast this week to explain how his analytical approach can make everyone better, including the very best in the game. The focal point of the discussion revolves around world No. 1 Novak Djokovic, who O'Shannessy was put in touch with through a chance meeting in 2017 with his longtime coach Marián Vajda.

"There's no more guessing... I've got every angle covered," O'Shannessy said during his first meeting with the Serbian superstar, who quickly bought in and began using the information to study himself and the opposition. "It's going to be very for difficult for opponents to game-plan for you, because you're always modifying what you do and putting the opponents first."


O'Shannessy also goes into great detail about how he worked with Djokovic to craft a specific strategy to defeat Rafael Nadal, the basis of which was created by charting data from over a decade ago.

"How can he lose, when we know every single detail about the opponents?"

It was an enlightening discussion that covers a lot of ground, including the direct correlation between average rally length and a player's success. Craig O'Shannessy is the director of "The Brain Game," a sports science website that has revolutionized using video analysis to identify patterns and paths to success on the court. He's a highly respected innovator in the world of tennis, and after listening to his chat with Murray, it's easy to see why.