Nick Saviano has seen a lot in his four plus decades as a high level tennis coach, but one thing stands out above all else when it comes to manifesting an athlete's success. "The momentum is allowed or facilitated by a great mindset," the coach proclaimed. "And that mindset is when they're focused on being everything they can be, and not really distracted by other things." Wise words from a wise coach, who has taken that approach to heart and carved out a legendary career in the profession of high level tennis. He joined Kamau Murray on the Podcast for conversation that covers the depth of tennis, instruction, and life itself.


The entry into the coaching ranks was a very standard one for Saviano. After a respectable career as a player, he linked up with the USTA during the greatest talent boom this country has arguably ever seen. Sampras, Agassi, Courier & several others took the sport to new highs and Saviano was around for a lot of personal & individual triumphs. But as the 21st century began, Saviano decided to take the road less traveled. "I started with nada, I had no club, nothing," he recalled. "With courage comes vulnerability. And if you're gonna be courageous, you gotta be willing to be vulnerable." Saviano High Performance Tennis Academy has been going strong since the founder took that leap of faith, and has churned out over 75 future pro tennis players on the WTA & ATP.


There was always the demand for Saviano to be a traveling coach, and for the most part he avoided those opportunities to be home with his family & his tennis academy. But in 2014 he took up a relatively unknown Canadian player on an offer to make some trips to bigger events. That player was Genie Bouchard, and she went on to have one of the most successful seasons at the pro level. She improbably reached the Australian Open Semifinals, and then emphatically backed it up with another semifinal appearance at Roland Garros & a run to the Wimbledon Final. It was only possible through that championship mindset which Saviano developed, and he still beams with pride at the memory of Bouchard's success. "The excitement of seeing them performing well & the satisfaction of knowing you facilitated that is really rewarding."

Saviano & Murray both were instrumental in the successful pro career of Sloane Stephens, & the two coaching titans reminisce over their experiences with the great American on this podcast. They also discuss how much they've learned in their chosen profession, their brushes with greatness on the court, & how they have dealt with having children that don't share the same undying passion for the game that their fathers do. This conversation will make you want to attack the day the day with energy & enthusiasm, the calling card of an elite tennis coach such as Nick Saviano.