Top men's doubles players have said they would prefer to use normal scoring for ATP doubles matches, rather than the no-ad scoring and match tiebreaks currently used on tour.

The changes were designed to reduce the length of matches and have more doubles scheduled on show courts.

"It's nonsense, I think," Jamie Murray told Reuters. "They're not putting matches on center court or on TV, so just put us on the outside courts and let us play normal scoring."

The more extended scoring used in singles matches makes for more proper competition, according to players.

"When we come to Grand Slams, we always feel like the best team wins," said the No. 4-ranked doubles player.

"The difficulty is that the match can be decided on 10 good minutes from your opponent," added Raven Klaasen.

Bruno Soares and Nenad Zimonjic also agree that the scoring should be changed back. But Murray, who is on the ATP Player Council, said the tour is not likely to do it.

"Looking back, I think you could argue that those changes have worked," said ATP CEO Chris Kermode.

The same scoring is used for singles and doubles at Grand Slams.