The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) received at least two suspicious betting alerts during Wimbledon, the German newspaper Welt said.

One involved a first-round doubles match during which the odds-on team won the first set and dropped the next two. The match received alerts from multiple betting agencies due to irregularities in the timing and size of the wagers, notes Welt.

The other concerned the opponent of a German player in a singles encounter, during which five-figure wagers were placed with some large agencies on the score of the third set.

The ITIA did not confirm or deny it had received the alerts, and usually refuses to comment on ongoing investigations. A suspicious betting alert can be an indication of potential fixing, but other factors like injury can also produce shifts in in-play gambling and alerts generally need further investigating by the ITIA.


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The newspaper had also revealed a betting alert during a women's doubles match at the 2020 French Open, and Russian player Yana Sizikova was subsequently questioned by French authorities while playing this season's French Open.

The ITIA received 34 suspicious betting alerts during the first quarter of this season.

Names of players were not given.