Stanislas Wawrinka's wife, Ilham, has issued a stinging statement in response to his announcement that the two were separating.

The TV presenter married Wawrinka in 2009 just before the two had a daughter, Alexia. The couple separated temporarily in 2010 before reconciling.

The statement was described as one intended to clarify the circumstances. "No, Stan does not lose matches because of our separation, said to be painful, because it has been already five months since his triumphant return at Davis Cup," she said in French. "His decision to leave, for the second time, his family did not stop him from to winning the tournament in Chennai and having more or less, very good results.

"No, trips and tournaments are not the cause of our separation. Besides, other players, ranked higher than him, handle family life very well. His instability, desire to regain his freedom—at all levels—are the source. And I have to admit the repeated fibs and emotional betrayals eventually destroyed entirely the confidence I had in him."

She also criticized the timing of Wawrinka's announcment, noting that it accompanied a recent series of defeats in the first few rounds of tournaments.