WATCH—Court Report - December 19th:


The WTA is introducing a 25-second shot clock at all Premier events as part of its changes for next season.

The WTA announced that the time taken by players between points will now be visible on a screen during play, with the amount of time allowed also increasing from 20 seconds to 25 seconds.

The shot clock was trialled by both the ATP and WTA tours during the hard-court events leading up to the US Open, which introduced a shot clock for its main-draw play for the first time.

The change also includes stricter time rules before the start of play, with players allowed a minute before the toss, five minutes for the warmup and a minute between the warmup and the start of play.

Players will also be allowed just one bathroom break during play, instead of the two allowed under the WTA's previous rule.

The Australian Open also plans to use a 25-second shot clock during play for the first time.

The change has been prompted by increasing complaints about the amount of time some players regularly take between points, along with complaints from players about not receiving notification before being penalized. Still, it has not been widely perceived as having a significant affect on time between points, with umpires having flexibility on when to start the clock and whether to pause it for interruptions.

The ATP has not announced whether it will be using a similar rule.