Carlos Alcaraz lays it all out with double barrel roll during Indian Wells singles debut 

With Carlos Alcaraz serving at 6-5, 15-15, Andy Murray reset the point with a lob. The Spaniard would soon drop shot, a decision that put him on the defensive.

Murray wrong-footed the 18-year-old with his deep forehand scoop at the net. Alcaraz attempted to make the adjustment but here's what happened...

With his racquet out of hand, Alcaraz rolled over. That wasn't the end...

Alcaraz would do a second barrel roll as the Stadium Court 2 crowd at Indian Wells oooohed and ahhhhed.

Despite the hard fall, Alcaraz managed to serve out the opening set a couple minutes later. Murray ultimately rallied to win the second-rounder in a gritty battle over three hours and four minutes.