Fourhand: Djokovic hits with Li, speaks Mandarin; Radwanska fires missile, more

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Elite ATP and WTA players remain in competition late this year, with many in Beijing this week, while a retired forever-starlet has her name landing in the papers again. Here's a look at a quartet of the latest headlines and videos around the globe:

BATTLE OF THE SEXES, SORT OF  Novak Djokovic joined Li Na at the China Open for an intergender exhibition that heartily entertained the crowd. Here are highlights from their encounter, in which Li started her service games spotted a 30-0 lead and Djokovic began his own in a pre-set 0-30 hole:

To the surprise of no one, Li and Djokovic regaled the crowd with amusing if not blistering shots and keen quips, including Djokovic speaking in Mandarin:

NO. 4 WITH A BULLET  Agnieszka Radwanska is not known for her power game, suffice it to say, but she uncorked a 99 M.P.H. missile against Madison Keys this week. Most of her shot's searing quality can be attributed to racquet-head speed and Keys' own power, as you'll see in the video below. Still, it left many in attendance—and probably the 18-year-old American also—gaping in surprise. (Afterward, Radwanska extolled Keys as a future star.)

LOVE MATCH  The 12-year union (don't call it a marriage) betwixt Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias is allegedly in trouble, per the New York Post's Page Six. The Spin says not to read too closely into this quasi-news, as trouble in the seemingly never-getting-married paradise of Anna and Enrique has been reported a few times before. The general tight-lipped nature of their relationship is to be admired.

AND IF YOU MISSED IT  ... You're forgiven. When one searches the phrase "Emmys Ryan" on Google, the first five prompts are, in order, Dunn, Seacrest, Amy, Maureen, and Rex. Ryan Sweeting is not to be found, at least not immediately, and yet there he was in Los Angeles last week, attending the Emmy Awards ceremony and lighting up the red carpet beforehand with his fiancee, Kaley Cuoco, a star on hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory. Says here Sweeting cleaned up quite nicely, and all best to him and his intended bride. The pair had been together for just three months before their engagement.

Which of these stories do you find most surprising?

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