Fourhand: Djokovic wowed by trick-shot artist

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Fourhand is the Daily Spin's occasional roundup of various hits and misses on tour.

DJOKE'S ON YOU  Forget a mic drop—tennis trickster performer Stefan Bojic causes birthday boy Novak Djokovic (age 28) to flat-out drop his racquet upon witnessing a series of slick moves done with ball and racquet (and neck). Joining the Djoker: fellow Head-racquet wielders Maria Sharapova, Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, Sloane Stephens, Bernard Tomic, Richard Gasquet, and Fernando Verdasco:

MOVIE MAVEN  Serena Williams spoke to her cameo appearance in the new film Pixels at a picturesque setting: the Eiffel Tower. Her role is alongside Peter Dinklage, who she terms a great actors, and the flick also stars Adam Sandler and Kevin James.

It's just the latest sign that Serena is infiltrating the mainstream this year, with previous and future forays with Chase, Vogue, and Pepsi. Want even more Serena from this Paris event? Here you go.

TENNISMAN  David Letterman long championed the sport of tennis on his show, as noted in Fourhand's last dispatch. Here, from Sports Illustrated, are more of the just-retired late-night TV legend's tennis-player guest appearances. Come for the Serena and Sharapova hijinks. Stay for the vintage shots Pete Sampras takes at Barbra Streisand cheering on Andre Agassi from the player's box.

ICYMI  Speaking of tennis trick-shot stars: Gael Monfils. In taking over the ATP Insider recently, Monfils spoke to a few of his best (read: most absurd) points and shots against some of the game's elite.

Roland Garros awaits!

[Thanks to @Dr_CorbinCWong for the Pixels/Serena tip.]

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