Crampgate! Maria accuses Cornet of gamesmanship in controversial second-round match

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The German believes the Frenchwoman intentionally milked her medical break, and may have faked cramping. (AP)

Tatjana Maria, in tears following her defeat to Alize Cornet at the French Open, accused her opponent of gamesmanship after their second-round match.

Cornet won their three-setter in two hours and 47 minutes in front of a roaring French crowd, collapsing to the ground upon victory. Maria walked up to the net and then back to her chair while Cornet waved to the crowd. The handshake was minimal, with Maria pointing a finger and the players exchanging words.  

"It's not fair play, she did," Maria told reporters following the match. "She took a 15-minute break, and at the finish it was she who told me I was not [playing fair] ... Ask her -- I have no desire to talk to her."

Cornet is known for her emotional on-court displays, particularly in front of home crowds, but Maria objected to the lengthy second-set medical break that the apparently cramping Frenchwoman took for multiple leg injuries.  

The French media is calling the episode "crampgate."

"First it was the left leg, then the right leg," said Maria, who expressed doubts about whether Cornet even experienced cramps considering the way she played in the third.

"I did not violate the rules, and really had problems," said Cornet. "It was tough for both of us."

Cornet, meanwhile, did not like Maria's objection to the umpire about the time the Frenchwoman was taking between points.

"The referee gave her a warning, then did not do anything," said Maria. "These are the rules. You cannot change the rules."

The pair, coincidentally, is scheduled to play each other again in the second round of doubles.

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