Podcast: Inside Tennis — Wimbledon 2018

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Novak Djokovic emerged victorious, but his son stole the show and proved to be his biggest motivation. (AP)

What’s it like to play on Centre Court against Angelique Kerber? Why aren’t there more grass events? Are children the key to longevity? How do players really feel after a Grand Slam is over?

WTA pro Irina Falconi and editor Nina Pantic dive into those questions and a lot more after a wild Wimbledon 2018.

Below you'll find the timestamps for Episode 1: 


— Falconi takes a closer look at the grass-court events she played, including Wimbledon qualifying, and shares some key differences you may not have heard before.


— She also reveals one of the big reasons why there aren't more grass events. 


Serena Williams' seeding won't be a problem any longer, but did the All England Club end up making the right decision putting her at No. 28? And what is the GOAT like around the grounds from a peer's perspective? 


— The women's final was pushed back because of the uncompleted Novak Djokovic vs. Rafael Nadal semifinal, and some people were quite upset, but was it the right move? 


— The biggest debate to come out of Wimbledon 2018 was over the never-ending deciding set. The issue is different for men and women, as Falconi and Pantic discuss why having a deciding tiebreak in all matches could be great. 


— Wimbledon is famous for its traditions, but also for its towels. How important are towels to the players you wonder? Falconi shares a funny personal story: "This is gold, you can't take this away from me!"


— Falconi played against Kerber in the first round of Wimbledon in 2017, falling in two tight sets. She describes the thrilling experience of walking out onto Centre Court.  


— Djokovic is a Wimbledon champion again, but how does injury affect a player mentally? Falconi and Pantic point out how he referred to his injury treatment as a "small medical procedure" before Wimbledon and then "surgery" after. 


— Djokovic's son stole the show at the Wimbledon final, and the Serbian admitted Stefan was his biggest motivation. It's a pattern we're seeing amongst the game's biggest stars—are children the key to their longevity? 


— Winning a tournament takes a lot of things falling perfectly into place. Falconi has won a WTA crown and six ITF titles in her career. She breaks down what it's like to enjoy a perfect week. 


— A podcast about Wimbledon simply has to include mention of Roger Federer. Everyone was stunned by his loss to Kevin Anderson, including Federer himself. 


— And lastly, what do players feel like after a Slam is over? "Deflated" proves to be the key word, but so does "vacation." 

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