Back to business: After time off, Murray preparing for 2020 season

Back to business: After time off, Murray preparing for 2020 season

Andy Murray has been taking some time off to be at home following the birth of his third child, but the former No. 1 is now getting back in shape for a return to Slam competition.

Andy Murray has been spending time off the court and at home, following the birth of this third child.
Murray has two daughters with his wife, Kim, and now also a son, Teddy, born a couple of weeks ago.

"It's been good," he told British press at an event for his clothing sponsor in London. "It's just busy. We've got three under 4 now, and two dogs."

Murray said he gained weight during a 12-day break, but is confident he can meet the demands of best-of-five competition at the Australian Open, scheduled to be his first major since hip surgery. He is coming off a tournament win at Antwerp, and notes that he will get a day off between rounds at a Grand Slam.

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"I'm not worried from the hip's perspective as I've had zero issues with it so far, so I don't anticipate that playing an extra 45 minutes or an hour will be bad for my hip," he said. "My physio has always been more positive about me playing Grand Slams than playing a tournament when you play five days in a row... I think my body showed I'm going to be able to play at a high level, that's where I need to be smart with my scheduling."

But while he's still just as competitive as before, Murray reiterated that his priorities have changed since he began a comeback.

"It's nice to be able to win big competitions and have a high ranking and stuff. That's great but actually the reason why I'm playing is because I love it, and I need to remember that," he said. "So, if I'm 30 in the world or 70 in the world but if I'm still enjoying it and still enjoying the preparations and training and all that stuff and I feel competitive then that would be success."

Murray is No.125 in the rankings.