Monfils, Tiafoe, Corey Gauff join Kamau Murray for barbershop banter

Monfils, Tiafoe, Corey Gauff join Kamau Murray for barbershop banter

This trip to The Bearded Man, in Melbourne, cuts right to the chase with revealing questions and answers.

How many revelatory moments you one jam into a four-minute video? The answer is a lot—you just have to film the right people. 

Gael Monfils and Frances Tiafoe, along with Tiafoe's coach, Zack Evenden; Coco Gauff’s father, Corey; and Serena Williams' sparring partner, Jarmere Jenkins; joined Kamau Murray for a pre-tournament trip to The Bearded Man barber shop in Melbourne, where they cut— among other things—right to the chase. 

When did Corey know his daughter was truly special?

What was Tiafoe’s first big purchase?

Of all Monfils' on-court moments, what is is most memorable?

The answers are heartwarming, and they may surprise you. 

Tennis is sometimes a rigid sport, media included. Most player/media interaction occurs at the post-match press conferences, right after rhe ecstasy of victory or the agony of defeat. The winning player is in great spirits, with a focus on the next round. The losing player is understandably disappointed. 

There must be something about a barbershop, though, that helps elicit one’s genuine and relaxed self. It's a proven formula, seen on HBO's The Shop: Uninterrupted, executive produced by LeBron James and business partner, Maverick Carter. 

One thing is for sure, tennis needs more content like this.