Ask the Experts: UTR to launch star-studded webinar series

Ask the Experts: UTR to launch star-studded webinar series

Nick Bolletieri, Ivan Lendl and Bethanie Mattek-Sands are just a few members of UTR's new All Access Series lineup.

Adapting with the current athletic environment made by the coronavirus can either be repelled, or embraced. UTR has chosen the latter. 

In an effort to keep the tennis community both safely engaged and connected during this time of crisis, UTR will launch two new initiatives: an All Access Series and a Coaching Webinar Series. 

The All Access Series is a hosted webinar featuring an all-star cast of Grand Slam champions, current and future Hall of Famers, and some of the best tennis players in the world right now. Nick Bollettieri, Ivan Lendl, Steve Johnson, Alison Riske and Corey Gauff are just a few members of the scheduled lineup. 

“This is pretty awesome,” current world No. 19 Riske said. “I can’t wait to connect and share my journey with people who may be able to learn from it."

The All Access Series is geared towards serious players and parents who are eager to remain involved. 

These unique circumstances can provide everybody with a rare glimpse into the brains of the world’s best coaches and players. Participants who register for each individual webinar are prompted to submit their questions on a registration form to each day's guests.

Tennis is first and foremost a mental game, a battle to break the will of your opponent. Players who devote their newfound free time to strengthening their mind will be rewarded. 

“Our goal is to support players, parents, coaches, fans and organizers who are missing the game with opportunities to stay connected to tennis and to their tennis communities during this global health crisis,” said Mark Leschly, Universal Tennis Chairman & CEO.

In addition to the All Access Series, UTR will also host webinars, both paid and free, for coaches around the world. All proceeds from paid events will go directly to the coaches. Tennis coaches who are interested can pre-register for the free program on

Think of it like a virtual hub, or portal, into the minds of the best coaches in the world, for a fraction of the normal price, or none at all in many cases. It's a much-needed win-win situation, as most tennis coaches are temporarily unemployed due to the coronavirus. 

Welcome to the new golden age of online tennis information. For the past few weeks—and for, likely, many more—players and coaches normally traveling or on a tennis court somewhere in the world are stuck at home. If you've ever had a burning tennis question, now's as good of a time to ask. For once the tours begin again, you'll likely be out of luck.