Katrina Adams reveals she tested positive for coronavirus in March

Katrina Adams reveals she tested positive for coronavirus in March

The 51-year-old posted to social media to share her diagnosis, recovery and plan to help others.

On Sunday, Katrina Adams posted to social media to reveal that she had tested positive for coronavirus  and is now doing her part to donate her plasma to save others. 

"I was lucky. I was infected early in March, before the NY numbers skyrocketed and panic arose," the former USTA president wrote. "I had minor symptoms, body aches and an undetected fever that broke during the night. I tested positive and didn’t really suffer."

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The ITF vice president was recently a guest on the TENNIS.com Podcast, where she called in her home in New York. 

"It's pretty scary as to what's happened in America and across the world," she said on March 16. "I was in close contact with someone who contracted the virus at an event, found out on Monday or Tuesday that they were actually contaminated or had contracted it, and I've been in isolation since."

It's impossible to tell if that's when Adams contracted coronavirus, but she took all the proper steps immediately, cancelling a trip to Switzerland for an ITF board meeting and calling in instead. 

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Adams is grateful for her recovery for more than just her own return to good health. She's a candidate to help others get better, too. 

"The brighter side is that I then became a candidate to donate my plasma to save the lives of others, as my antibodies are extremely high," she said on Instagram. "I was infected for a reason and this photo reminds me that good will come from my misfortune. In reality, it was a Blessing that I can now make a difference for someone else."

The 51-year-old is not the first in the tennis community to test positive for the virus. Former Davis Cup captain Patrick McEnroe revealed he had contracted the illness in late March. On April 9, he posted an update saying he's feeling fine, but still isolating in his basement. Brazil's Thiago Seyboth Wild was the first player to disclose a positive test when he shared the news on March 24. 

A leader in many boardrooms, including the ITF and Fed Cup, Adams has been supportive of the decisions to suspend and cancel tour play until July 13, and possibly later. Montreal, which was scheduled for August 7, was cancelled on Saturday

"It's just a ripple effect on everyone," Adams said on the podcast. "And I think the decisions that have been made in the sports world—as drastic as they may be—I think it's the best thing that has happened to, at least, protect those athletes and their families to the onus of slowing down the transmission of COVID-19."