#NetOutTheVote: Results from our Election Day for tennis citizens

#NetOutTheVote: Results from our Election Day for tennis citizens

Your votes have been counted, and heard.

On Tuesday, November 3—Election Day in the United States—we asked you to vote on a series of important tennis questions.

All your votes have been counted, so we're now able to report the results, and what they mean.

1. You're ready for Roger's return. And judging by this picture, so is he.

2. He's never reached a Grand Slam final, but Stefanos Tsitsipas is making many major believers.

3. No surprise here, but if we told you in January that "Roland Garros finishing in October" would generate just six percent of the answers to this question...what would you have possibly thought?

4. Even when she doesn't win a major, Serena finds ways to win. That said, what transpired between Vika and Dasha was incredibly touching, and that moment rightfully put up a good fight.

5. One of the most competitive votes, Federer outlasts a rising ATP star, a solid doubles team, and a young WTA talent. Of course he did.

6. Brady, Rublev and Swiatek each announced themselves in a big way this year, and with their respective easy power, it's not hard to envision each player making more progress in 2021.

7. McCoco left their mark on the court last year, and with fewer playing opportunities in 2020, off the court this year.

8. On Friday, your 2020 player of the year was officially named ATP year-end No. 1 for the sixth time:

9. Hard to argue this result, given the Pole's play at Roland Garros—and a WTA tour whose Top 5 is ripe for a new entrant.