From the press room—Novak's goosies, "crazy" Fognini, Russia's driving

From the press room—Novak's goosies, "crazy" Fognini, Russia's driving

Also during ATP Cup pre-tournament media appearances, Nadal discussed the Tokyo Olympics, Team Canada explained their captain selection method and the Tsitsipas family put out the idea of a rap collaboration with Nick Kyrgios.

The ATP Cup is set to begin Tuesday in Melbourne with a loaded field that includes 13 of the ATP's Top 15 suiting up for their respective nations. Before the 12 teams battle it out across four groups, players and captains met with media (virtually). Here are a handful of notable quotes from the press room.

Djokovic gets goosies 

"Adelaide was played in front of a packed house, 4,000 people. I had goosebumps coming into the court playing in front of the fans again after 12 months of not experiencing that. It feels like ages, playing without fans. Hopefully this is all temporary, that we will be able to experience everywhere we go the fact of playing in front of the fans, not just here in Australia."

"Crazy" Fognini echoes fan sentiment

"We're lucky we are here after 14 days of quarantine. We're lucky again we play again with the crowd. My opinion, the player that I am, the person that I am, I feel I need them because, of course, sometimes I'm a bit crazy, I do something special in every sense, but I really enjoy."

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Nadal on Tokyo 202ONE's challenge 

"Combining our tour with another 15 days of quarantine to play Olympics. It looks difficult to fix it in our calendar. But, as I said, we going to do what the people who knows about virus and who knows about protecting the people in every single country are going to just follow their instructions."

Tsitsipas family calls on Kyrgios

Petros: "I don't think Nick is into doing music so much. I don't know. I recently got into music. I'm creating some songs from now and then."

Stefanos: "I think we can manage a way to push Nick to get along and help us out. At least he'll for once get creative and be part of something important, you know. Music is a great thing that we have."

Apostolos: "Actually I've seen his last interview. He said he didn't miss tennis so much."

Stefanos: "Really? Well, he might miss music after making some music with us (laughter)."

Canada's democratic process

How did you end up being captain of the team?

Polansky: "It was decided by vote. The players voted for me. Pretty simple (laughter)."

Raonic: "It was a national election (laughter)."

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Behind the wheel with Team Russia

Donskoy: "Always when you drive in the car, when you are the one who driving, you feel everything is good. But when somebody is driving that you not trust so much, you're always like (laughter)."

Medvedev: "Andrey should get fines for playing so fast. All the limit all the time. Fine, fine, fine (laughter)."

Rublev: "And I'm driving so slow (laughter)."