Think About It: The best moments from Victoria Azarenka's new podcast

Think About It: The best moments from Victoria Azarenka's new podcast

Get caught up with the first season of the show that explores Vika's off-court interests.

"I'm always a fan of watching shows where they interview people, and getting to know people through their different stories, challenges, what got them to success [and] their turning points."Victoria Azarenka, host of the podcast Think About It

Given all that Azarenka has experienced throughout her professional tennis career, the Belarusian would seem to be an ideal guest for her own show. But instead of talking about herself, Vika—whose curiosity about the world outside of tennis is as much a part of herself as her renowned backhand—has connected with accomplished experts stemming from a range of fields. Think About It feeds this need, and, lucky for us, we've been let inside the conversation.

The above video recaps the first season of Think About It, in which Azarenka explored the lives, motivations and perspectives of mental conditioning advisor Trever Moawad, rock climbing trailblazer Sasha Digiulian, lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes, self-care expert Dr. Rupy Aujla, Peloton instructor Robin Arzon and neurologist Dr. Rahul Jandial. (You can listen to all six episodes here.)

Azarenka had wanted to create digital content for some time. As it turned out, the pandemic provided a bit of additional inspiration.

"I thought it was interesting during the covid to create something that I can do via zoom, FaceTime," says Azarenka, in looking back over the first season of her show. "Whatever it is that was possible."

Even though the host and guest aren't in the same room, the connection is evident. And even though Azarenka's many fans enjoy hearing about her tennis journey, she believes her other endeavors and interests can reach a wider audience.

"Only a few people can relate to me being a tennis player, but a lot of people can relate to me being a mom," Azarenka says. "I wanted to share that experience, that people...with successful careers are also going through a lot of tough things in life."