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London didn’t call these 10, but they made plenty of progress in 2016

These men didn't make the Tour Finals cut, but they showed just how deep the ATP tour is. 

Nov 08, 2016
by Peter Bodo

What does Nick Kyrgios want, and will the punishment benefit him?

It will be fascinating to see how Kyrgios responds—on the court and off—in 2017. 

Oct 18, 2016
by Peter Bodo

As tennis officials try to keep millennials watching, massive changes could be coming to tennis

The lords of tennis don’t believe that millennials hunger for more matches like the nearly five-hour 2008 Wimbledon final. 

Oct 06, 2016
by Peter Bodo

Ten years ago, Andre Agassi left an indelible mark on the U.S. Open in saying goodbye

Agassi’s paean to the game was both a confession and an admission.  

Sep 03, 2016
by Peter Bodo

U.S. Open Pressure Points: No. 1 seed Serena Williams and her race against time

Approaching 35 and with a new challenger to her throne, can the all-time great do it again?

Aug 25, 2016
by Peter Bodo

U.S. Open Pressure Points: No. 1 seed Novak Djokovic and an unexpected turn of events

In just a few short weeks, Andy Murray has changed the conversation in men’s tennis.

Aug 25, 2016
by Peter Bodo

With a history of highs and lows, what is Rafael Nadal’s New York state of mind this year?

The two-time U.S. Open champion remains a question mark in Queens.

Aug 23, 2016
by Peter Bodo

Hall of a Contrast

Safin and Henin couldn't have competed more differently, but both will be enshrined. 

Jul 14, 2016
by Peter Bodo

The Future of Tennis

Five bold predictions about a sport long averse to change.

Jun 14, 2016
by Peter Bodo