Nine Tennis Tweeters You Should Follow

by: Jonathan Scott | October 04, 2012

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Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Email recently released its second annual Twitter 100 list, pinning down the movers and shakers on the social platform that it deems most influential and illuminating and so on. Just two tennis-related tweeters made the cut: Matt Cronin (@tennisreporters), of and, and one Janko Tipsarevic, the Serbian star (in)famous most recently for his comments about WTA players taking on the best-of-five-sets format that ATP guns play in Grand Slam events. Indeed, that's the sample tweet from Tipsy that SI calls out.

Cronin and Tipsarevic appear on the list for the second year in a row, but Novak Djokovic and Andrea Petkovic fall off.
Of course, this is far too few tennis tweeters to truly encapsulate the sport and its legions of witty, pithy observers. The Spin rounded up a Top 10 list more than a year ago of tweeters you should know, and will go ahead here with nine more now—purely because nine is your Spin keeper's favorite number—to refresh that. These are observers of the sport, as it's assumed that you're already following all the relevant players. Here they are, in no order at all:
+ @linzsports: Lindsay Gibbs, author of Titanic: The Tennis Story, provides delightful snark that's never over-the-top and always delivered with a measure of warmth.
+ @NickMcCarvel: He's written for,, and more, and he's the consummate pro (and, I should say, a friend). This writer-editor's news gathering and disseminating instincts are top notch.
+ @Ataraxis00: A tennis superfan whose passion shines through in every tweet, she hardly misses a slice of news and always offers a droll or insightful or just plain different take on it.
+ @TheSliceTweets: Speaking of slice, the keeper of one of the sport's top tennis fashion and buzz zones maintains a cheery and welcoming tone without ragging on any particular player, neither needling nor excoriating, ever. There's something to be said for that in this digital age.
+ @TennisNewsTPN Karen Pestaina has written for the New York Times' Straight Sets Blog and maintains Tennis Panorama News, an aggregator with a wealth of Q&As, press releases, and, now more than ever, original content, written for the site and reported live via Twitter on the scene at pro matches.
+ @BenRothenberg: Nary a shard of on-court analysis escapes this indefatigable beat reporter, prolific and critical, in the right ways. His blog posts and his tweets equally come in spades.
+ @FueBuena: No one comes close to his stranglehold on all the tennis news coming out of South America. Anyone who's interested in that, and more beyond it, must follow.
+ @scoobschris: I defy you to read his tweets raining down your feed and not chortle with regularity and with ease. And that's the crux of it: He makes witty, hilarious, and (gasp) thoughtful tennis talk sound easy to do. It is not.
+ @sharapovanovic: Few dissect the numbers and statistics quite like this one, who peppers his tweets with intriguing figures from past and present, often prompting a mental reply of "hmm" or even "wow."
Many more exist out there, and I could make a top 99 list if I had the time and spacial allotments. Suffice it to say, these nine (and the aforementioned 10 from 2011) will lead you to plenty more well worth your follow.
—Jonathan Scott (@jonscott9)

Editors' Note: You can follow's writers on Twitter at @ptbodo, @stevetignor, @edmcgrogan, and our main feed, @tennis.


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