Quick Take: Head's White Bags

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | June 23, 2012

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At this year’s Wimbledon Championships, Andy Murray and Maria Sharapova will be shouldering two new bags by Head—in white, of course. In anticipation of seeing these bags settled on the lawns of the All England Club, let’s play Facts and Impressions. Head supplies the facts; I provide the impressions. (By all means, feel free to chime in with your own judgments in the comments section.)


AmThe White Bag
Public Release: June 2012
MSRP: $150

Facts: Bag of choice for Head-sponsored players such as Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray; Built-in bag stand for easy access; Molded side panels and heat-resistant, polyurethane materials; Three separate compartments, which can hold up to 12 racquets; Padded, backpack-style shoulder straps with chest strap; Green inside lining.

Impressions: Spread of white and greys lend a clean, and somewhat mysterious, gender-neutral look; Heavy typeface and careful use of mesh is inviting; Golfbag-like stand great for players with bad backs (and those who like the crowd to see their stuff); NASA’s bag of choice; For those drawn to the sleek and streamlined.


MsMaria Sharapova Court Bag
MSRP: $115
Public Release: August 2012

Facts: Maria Sharapova’s bag of choice; Tension-protecting racquet compartment that holds up to four sticks; Additional main and accessory compartments + shoe bag; Metal buckles for durability; padded shoulder straps and carry handle; Inspirational words printed on the inner lining (e.g., life, Supreme, COMMITMENT, focus, LIVE).

Impressions: Perfect for Wimbledon: White and gold colors connote elegance, prestige, and affluence; The bag fit for a princess: Perfect for Maria; Question: Does it come with a pomeranian?; Antique-like feel to bronze zipper; Appropriate on grass at the local cricket club, but gaudy against a hard-court backdrop at the public park?; Quilted feature evokes the extravagant interior of an Aston Martin; Certainly tailored for the glamorous among us.

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