Question of the Day: Bruguera's Racquet

by: Justin diFeliciantonio July 19, 2012

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Dear Mr. DiFeliciantonio: My name is Walter, and I'm a tennis nut from Brazil. Do you know anything about the racquet that Sergi Bruguera used when he won his first Roland Garros final (against Jim Courier in 1993)? A friend of mine told me that Bruguera used a Kneissl. Is he correct? Which Kneissl model? Any other details you can dig up? Was his Kneissel a mid, midplus, or oversize racquet?Walter


Unfortunately, Walter, I've been unable to discover for sure what Bruguera used to win the French Open in '93. But I did manage to dig up some information.

According to the pro equipment logs maintained by the USRSA (United States Racquet Stringers Association), at the 1993 year-end championships Bruguera played with a mid-sized Kneissl racquet called the White Star Pro Style 35. Unstrung, it weighed in at 325g (~11.5 oz.) and was balanced 30.8 cm. Also mentioned in the logs is that Bruguera played with a multifilament string called Tecnifibre 625 TGV—at 25 kilos (~55.1 lbs.) in the mains and 23 (~50.7 lbs.) in the crosses.

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