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Fashion Friday: The Women of Fall

Friday, September 28, 2012 /by

The Asian swing is underway, and the women are on-court slugging it out—in imposing tanks and figure-hugging fabrics. On the WTA, it seems, fall looks still belong to summer.


Sam Stosur

Stosur has always shown a sartorial penchant for the form-fitting and the functional. Check out her Asics dress here at the Pan Pacific Open. Apart from the splash of pink in her wristband, she parades no frills or flourishes, just her bare biceps. Clearly, this is a calculated, physical recipe for intimidation.










Li Na

Li’s ensemble displays an interesting mix of the feminine and the practical. Her top fits her physique in a no-nonsense kind of way, and may even offer a modicum of support. But it’s also colored a near fuchsia rose, which, coupled with her skirt’s undulating pleats, lends the look a lady-like poise.










Marion Bartoli

I wonder: Is the majority of Bartoli’s wardrobe purple? She seems to have worn a lot of it over the years, not without success; somehow it suits her. Perhaps it’s because purple, according to the field of color psychology, signifies flamboyance and exaggeration. These qualities her game does not lack.





Heather Watson

There’s a bit of princess to Watson’s kits. The snow-white purity contributes to that vibe, of course. But it’s her skirt that really does it. The material looks stiffer and more old-fashioned. Of course, there’s nothing dainty about that two-fisted backhand.













Ana Ivanovic

The energetic hues and graffiti patterning of Ivanovic’s dress is intensely solar. Which is a bit strange to behold stateside, what with fall leaves already beginning to cover the ground and moulder. It’s still summer in Tokyo, though—an appropriate background for such a summery colorway.


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