Product Profile: Head Maria Sharapova Tennis Racquet Bag – Combi

by: Richard Pagliaro September 24, 2012

MSRP: $100

Facts: Maria Sharapova collaborated with Head on the design of her signature bag series. The Combi comes with three compartments as well as an outer accessory compartment. The racquet compartment, which holds up to five frames, is lined with the brand’s Climate Control Technology to protect the sticks. Padded shoulder straps are adjustable; a carry handle has a Velcro seal.

Impressions: Aspiration meets inspiration as the bag blends a traditional white exterior with gold interior and lettering. “Head” is emblazoned across both sides and the bottom of the bag in gold-script lettering, inspiring thoughts of a designer label. Attention to detail is a trademark of Sharapova’s game and her bag: Maria’s motivational words—“live”, “love”, “supreme commitment”, “focus”—are printed on the inner lining.

Sturdy metal buckles stamped with the “Head” script on the bag provide support and security for even the most expansive packers, and the gold metal pull-tabs are curved for easy use. Styled for both pro royalty and recreational divas, the bag makes a statement and may evoke your inner neat freak to protect its immaculate exterior.

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