Fashion Friday: A Modern Affair

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | October 05, 2012

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The tours continue east to Asia this week, where the players still playing under the beating sun. We take a look at their sartorial credentials.


Novak Djokovic
With his long legs and elastic torso, Djokovic is, by physical standards, the epitome of lean. So, too, could one describe his current style. Djokovic’s top, designed by Japanese company Uniqlo, is simple and clean; the cut isn’t overly complicated, the patterning is minimal, and the colorway is a Beijing-appropriate, streamlined red.










Tomas Berdych
Berdych’s shirt is a poster child for modernist design. The colors—slate grey and lime, for interest—are blocked without distractions or flourishes. Honestly, it’s a little like Berdych’s game—logical, methodical, powerful.












Maria Sharapova
With her billowy bag and posey pink dress, Sharapova looks like a country club gal heading to the salon. Granted, after all the hard work she put in at major events this year, Masha probably deserves some pampering.














Victoria Azarenka
After watching her take those highlighter lime wrist- and headbands to the U.S. Open finals, Azarenka’s kits for the China Open are rather uninspiring; what with the black on white on black, it’s all just so monochromatic. Perhaps her friend Redfoo could throw a splash of color her way?





Ode to the continuation of summer and spectator ingenuity. As for the garment itself: Does anyone know? What exactly is that?

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