Product Profile: Dunlop 6.0 (M, S Lite)

by: Richard Pagliaro | October 16, 2012

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MSRP: $210
Available: Released on October 15
Head Size: 102 sq. in. (M); 105 sq. in. (S Lite)
Length: 27 in. (M); 27.25 in. (S Lite)
Weight*: 10.5 oz. (M); 10.1 oz. (S Lite)
Balance*: 2 pts. HL
Beam Width: 22-25-25mm (M); 24-26-24mm (S Lite)
String Pattern: 16x19
NTRP: 3.5 to 4.5 (M); 2.5 to 4.0

*Values represent strung frames

Facts: The two 6.0 racquets—the M for players with medium and moderate swing styles; the S Lite for those with slow and short swings—are part of Dunlop’s new series of frames. The brand has re-designed and re-branded its Biomimetic range of racquets, with Dunlop claiming that the results offer increased power, spin, and comfort, along with decreased shock, string friction, and aerodynamic drag. Dunlop says its BioFibre technology, woven into the shaft, filters out shock waves to give players a cleaner feeling on contact. The larger head size, open string pattern, and MoS2 grommets—designed to create greater string flexibility—deliver more spin potential, according to Dunlop. The M is black/white and grey; the S Lite is white/carbon and grey.

Impressions: The 6.0 series seems best suited for players seeking a bit of a power boost while retaining the control Dunlop is known for delivering. The M 6.0 (picture shown at right) should benefit aggressive baseliners and counter-punchers who can whip the near evenly-balanced head through the strike zone quickly. The S 6.0 Lite felt feather-light in our hands, weighing just a shade over 10 oz., but offers surprising stability. The Lite version is also a quarter-inch longer than standard racquet lengths, which can help on serve and when you’re stretched out and forced to hit on the run.

These are maneuverable racquets offering ample power—particularly after hitting with the lower-powered but more precise Dunlop 3.0 series of sticks—with forgiving feel. If you’re a baseliner looking for ease of power in an arm-friendly, lighter racquet, the 6.0 racquets are well worth play-testing.

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