Product Profile: Dunlop S 8.0 Lite

by: Richard Pagliaro October 18, 2012

Available: Released on October 15
Head Size: 115 sq. in.
Length: 27.5 in.
Weight*: 9.5 oz.
Balance*: 8 pts. HH
Beam Width: 26-30-28mm
String Pattern: 16x19
NTRP: 2.5 to 3.5

*Values represent strung frames

Facts: Dunlop super-sized the head and length of the S 8.0 Lite to create one of the brand’s biggest and most powerful sticks in years. Designed for players with compact swings—the “S” in the racquet’s title signifies it’s built for short and slow swing styles—this racquet’s TruOval head shape increases spin potential, according to Dunlop. The “3Dom” grommet system, which features individual grommet pods inspired by cartilage, is designed to provide greater string movement and enhance both power and comfort. The S 8.0 Lite’s white, carbon, and gold cosmetic is unique to the Biomimetic range.

Impressions: Expansive string space, an ample sweet spot, thick beam width, and a comfortable grip make this a robust racquet. Packed with Dunlop’s newest technologies, the S 8.0 Lite blends monster power with benign feel. New players looking for an oversized racquet, those returning to the game after a layoff, or clever club doubles specialists who crave some pop to complement their guile should relish this racquet. It enables players with compact swings to produce depth on their shots from the baseline, and its extended length and head heaviness translated to solid volleys. The S 8.0 Lite’s power level is expansive, but its stiffness is not extreme. This is an ultra-light, head-heavy stick that should provide power without beating up your arm in the process.

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