Product Profile: McDavid Protection Level III Ankle Brace

by: Richard Pagliaro | October 05, 2012

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MSRP: $34.99
Facts: Worn over one or two pairs of socks, this brace is built for ankle stability and injury prevention. Single-layer nylon and vinyl fabric construction are designed to maximize support and minimize weight. Lacing and figure-8 straps with Velcro seal ensure fit. The brace comes in black and white with five different sizes—XS, S, M, L, and XL—available for corresponding men’s and women’s shoe fits. 
Impressions: Ankle sprains are a constant threat for physical and fast players: Serena Williams has her ankles taped before every match, and Andy Roddick played with ankle straps. Recreational players who can’t tape up before matches, players returning to action after suffering ankle injuries, or those seeking support for the joint will most benefit from this brace. The strap system simulates a standard tape job and can be tightened without removing shoes. The brace is machine washable, so it won’t carry the funky smell of sweaty feet. A two to three-day break-in period is advised before wearing on court to prevent blistering and find the right degree of tightness for support without strangling the foot. Durability, light weight and support are some of its strengths.

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