Product Profile: Zensah Compression Leg Sleeves

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MSRP: $39.99


Facts: Designed to provide support for both calf and shin, Zensah worked with trainers to simulate the muscle stabilization effects of athletic taping, and claims its compression leg sleeves “increase circulation and improve oxygenated blood flow” to help foster faster recovery. Moisture-wicking material keeps skin dry, and the seamless construction means the fabric won’t chafe your skin. Zensah’s knitting process produces “gradient compression” with chevron wide ribbing in the front for shin support, and a tighter, raised ribbing pattern in the rear to bolster the calf.

The sleeves, which cover the skin from below the knee to above the ankle, are available in three different sizes—small, medium and large—with each size corresponding to calf measurements. Two leg sleeves come in each pack, though if you need calf and shin support for only one leg, you can buy a single sleeve for $19.99. Leg sleeves are machine washable; Zensah recommends cold wash and delicate machine dry. You can wrap your legs in 16 different colors, ranging from neon pink to black with tie dye and even an American flag print—for those feeling positively patriotic on court.

Impressions: You’ve probably seen tennis players wearing ankle braces or wrist wraps during matches; now they're wearing compression leg sleeves during practice (NBA stars Lebron James and Dwyane Wade have worn them during games; Zensah is based in Miami). These sleeves fit like second skin, yet won’t pinch and can be used during training, match play, or for recovery. If you’re prone to calf cramps, shin splints, or lower-leg fatigue, the sleeves are worth trying. Skeptical or inexperienced when it comes to compression wear? Zensah will refund or exchange your purchase, provided it’s returned within 30 days with the original invoice that comes with each order.

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