Question of the Day: Babolat AeroPro Drive

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | October 26, 2012

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Hey Justin, When is the new Babolat AeroPro Drive coming out? I want to get a new AeroPro stick soon, and I’m wondering whether I should buy one now or wait for a new model. Also, do you know what will be new about the racquet besides its design? Thanks.—John Miller


There is indeed a new AeroPro Drive coming out, John. According to our friends at Babolat, the new racquets should be available for purchase from online retailers and specialty pro shops by the middle of December, of this year. As for further details on the racquet, Babolat’s been keeping the products under wraps, so I can’t really say. But know that the frames will integrate new features and technology.

In other Babolat news, the company recently launched a Facebook application to promote its futuristic racquet, Play & Connect. (I wrote a preview of the racquet back in June. Read it here.)

While P. & C. isn’t slated for public release until late 2013, Babolat is offering select players the chance at a special, pre-release playtest. For a chance to win, interested players should check out Babolat’s Facebook application here. (You can read the rules of the game in the company’s press release here.)

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