Question of the Day: Compression Clothing

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | October 10, 2012

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I was surfing through the websites of some online retailers yesterday, and noticed many were selling compression clothing marketed toward improving athletic performance. The ones I saw were called SKINS. Have you heard of any pro players using these kinds of compression products? Will they help me recover faster?—Terrence J.


Thanks for your question, Terrence. A number of athletes, from disciplines as disparate as golf and basketball, have taken to compression products as a way to recuperate after strenuous physical activity. Rory McIlroy claims to benefit from wearing the constricting duds, as does Andy Murray, who has stated in past press conferences that compression shorts allow for expeditious recovery from injury and muscle fatigue.

As for whether they’ll help you recover faster: The tentative answer is yes. According to companies like SKINS, as well as several small independent studies, wearing tights that apply mechanical pressure to extremities can increase oxygen flow to tired muscles, helping to reduce delayed-onset soreness. Toward this end, one product you might want to look into is SKINS’ RY400 tights. Just wear the tights for three hours after exertion, the company claims, and you’ll wake up feeling fresher and sprier.

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