Question of the Day: Lifespan of a Hybrid

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | November 21, 2012

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How long does your hybrid combination last on average? I also use Solinco Tour Bite, and they are quite the grinder strings. My racquet is the Head YouTek Prestige Pro TGK 238.5. What is yours? Thanks.—Andrea


My current hybrid combination of Babolat VS Touch 15L (mains) and Solinco Tour Bite 19g (crosses) tends to play best for about ten hours. It’s not that the strings break—I’m currently playing with the Prince Rebel 95, which has a dense, 18x20 string pattern—but after that point, the tension starts to wane (more so in the T.B. than the gut, I imagine). For this reason, I’m considering experimenting with Wilson’s 4G monofilament in the crosses, as it reportedly holds tension longer than standard poly blends. (For a more detailed exposition of my equipment preferences, go here or here.)

As for your racquet, I’m intrigued that you play with a pro stock, i.e. TGK, racquet. If I’m not mistaken, TGK frames feature different layups from retail frames, as well as special areas in the handle and under the grommet strip that allow for silicone and/or lead tape customization. What are your experiences playing with the TGK 238.5? Do you feel a marked difference between your racquet and regular retail frames?  Certainly’s gear readership would be interested in hearing about the details of your equipment.

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