Question of the Day: Völkl Upgrades

by: Justin diFeliciantonio | November 19, 2012

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Hello Justin, my Völkl Power Bridge 10 Mid is growing tired. I find that it plays much more flexibly than it did when I first bought it due to repeated stringing and wear. Before buying a new pair of Power Bridge frames, I would like to know if Völkl plans to upgrade the racquets any time soon. If possible, could you share this information? Cheers.—Samuka


Thanks for writing in, Samuka. You’re in luck. In January of next year, Völkl plans to release updates to the 10 in the form of Organix technology. Organix, a DNA-based, high-tech cellulose material surrounded with carbon nanotubes, hit the market with several of Völkl’s new frames last year; the company claims that the racquet technology improves upon previous generations by offering more dampening, higher response, and added stability.

Generally speaking, our playtesting experience has confirmed Völkl’s marketing: Racquets with Organix, upon impact with the ball, do produce an extremely muted feel without many jarring vibrations. Although I can’t say for certain, it’s likely that this feedback also has something to do with Völkl’s Bio Sensor, a vibration-dampening handle system. (The Bio Sensor will be included in the Organix 10.)

For those who are interested, also slated for release next year by the German racquet maker are the Organix 7, a re-release of the V1 Classic, and a red colorway in the Team Speed series. Look for our review of these sticks and the Organix 10 in next year’s gear guide, which will be released online in the middle of January.

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