Question of the Day: Wilson's 2013 Racquets

by: Justin diFeliciantonio November 09, 2012

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Hey Justin! I was planning on buying another BLX 98, frankly because I'm so in love with it. But I heard that Wilson will be coming out with new racquets sometime soon. Do you know when?—Jeff Carlos


It’s true, Jeff, that Wilson will be releasing a slew of number racquets soon—specifically, January 2013. With respect to the Blade family, be sure to expect a new Blade 93, two Blade 98s (in an 18x20, as well as a 16x19 pattern), and a Blade 104.

Not to try to dissuade you from choosing the 98, but before making your purchase, it might be worth demoing the new Steam 99S and 105S, also to be released in January. As John Lyons, an executive at Wilson, revealed in an interview to earlier this fall, the 99S and 105S will feature a novel, 16x15 string pattern that the company claims enhances the spin production of players of all ability levels. Wilson is dubbing the technology Spin Effect. And while there is a bit of a catch—for a pronounced effect on spin, players must string with monofilaments—the new technology should, in the least, prove for a fun and worthwhile hit around.

(Photo: Manchester City's Sergio Aguero swings a Wilson at the ATP World Tour Finals in London.)

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