Product Profile: Life Is Tennis Cinnamon Weave Elite Convertible

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Facts: This multi-faceted bag can be worn as a sling over either shoulder thanks to an adjustable strap, converted to a conventional backpack (the strap unzips into dual straps), or used as a carry-all via the handle near its top. The Convertible can hold two racquets, has a main compartment for personal items, and is stocked with pockets. The bag is 20” long, 12” wide, and 7” deep. The Cinnamon Weave Elite Convertible retails for $90.

Impressions: Classic styling—you can envision wood racquets and post-match picnic snacks in this bag back in the pre-Open era days—and current functionality are complementary assets. It’s ideal for city dwellers, commuters, players who cycle to the court, or those indecisive fashionistas torn between slings and backpacks.

Four smaller pockets on the back as well as two on the front provide plenty of accessory space. An insulated bottle cooler pocket, attached cell phone holder, robust racquet-shaped zipper tabs that won’t buckle beneath the stress of repeated usage, and built-in fence hooks for hanging give functional elements to a fashionable choice. As a holiday special, Life Is Tennis is providing free shipping on all its bags ordered via its website through the end of 2012.

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