Question of the Day: Strings for Super-Oversized Racquets

by: Justin diFeliciantonio February 28, 2013 gear editor Justin diFeliciantonio and his technical advisers answer your equipment questions each day. Click here to send in a question of your own.


I’m a 3.0-level doubles player. I just bought the new Asics 125, which is my first super-oversized racquet. My question is about stringing it. Will one regular pack of string cut it? Or will I need to buy two packs of string per racquet? I understand the Asics 125 has very long main strings, and I want to make sure that I have enough to do the job.—Robert F.


Good question, Robert. For racquets with extra-large heads—like the Asics 125, Gamma RZR Bubba, or Weed models—it’s important that players/stringers buy extra-long sets of string to compensate. A set of string, typically, will run about ~40 feet; for a jumbo stick, you’ll want to find a set that’s about ~45 feet. That additional half-dozen feet will make sure that you don’t fall short when threading and/or tying off mains and crosses.

A number of companies sell string packs with a length appropriate to super-oversized sticks. Asics, whose racquets, as you mention, feature atypically long main strings, is currently selling a few of their own strings at select specialty pro shops: A nylon and a multifilament, both 46 feet. (To find out more information about where you can buy Asics racquets, strings, and accessories in your area, call SP Tennis’ toll-free number: 855-244-2979.)

Wilson also sells a soft multifilament called Wilson NXT OS, which is 45 feet long. NXT OS would probably be a very good choice for you, especially if you have shorter, punchier swings. Relative to stiffer strings, the string’s elastic, multifilament construction will decrease the chances of arm injury, while also increasing your shots’ depth and power. Granted, natural gut is superior in both of these respects, but you may have to buy multiple sets to cover the Asics 125’s extra string length.

Finally, if you find a string that you really like, consider purchasing it in a reel. Reels run anywhere from about 300 to 700 feet, which will leave you plenty of margin to cut lengths of string appropriate to stringing your frame.

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