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Racquet Review: Babolat Aeropro Team

Sunday, February 24, 2013 /by

MSRP: $195
Head Size: 100 sq. in.
Length: 27 in.
Weight: 10.3 oz.
Balance: 2 pts. HL
Beam Width: 22-26-23mm
String Pattern: 16x19
Construction: Very Stiff
Swingweight: 292
Ideal Swing: Medium to Long
NTRP: 3.5 to 5.0

The Pitch
The Babolat Aeropro Team, like the entire Aeropro line, has been updated with a new Cortex system, which the company says improves comfort and overall feedback by eliminating unwanted vibrations. The Team also features a new handle, which manipulates vibrations for better feel, as well as the Aeropro’s trademark, aerodynamic beam, which is designed to enhance racquet-head speed.

How It Tested
The Aeropro Team is almost identical to the Drive: Like its bigger sibling, the Team has a stiff construction, open string pattern and slightly head-light balance, making it, too, a fine choice for baseline specialists who hang back and belt the ball. Only one key difference separates the two sticks: weight. At 10.3 ounces, the Team is an ounce lighter than the Drive. For intermediate-level playtesters,this translated into a very maneuverable, yet still stable, feel from the baseline. Said one 3.5 player with a semi-Western grip and two-handed backhand, “It swings fast, but feels solid for its weight; I developed good power with it.” At net, the Team, much like the Drive,tested passably; playtesters reported that while volleys didn’t wobble against mediumpace balls, touch shots and angled volleys were somewhat lackluster, possibly owing to the Team’s thicker, more rigid beam.

Bottom Line
A good frame for intermediate baseliners seeking power, stability and maneuverability.

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